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Running a motel isn’t easy. The MAS Country team are experts in motel management, and we want to help you. From booking systems to website maintenance, HR, sales and marketing, we offer a full motel management service. Take your hotel or motel to the next level and enquire about becoming a MAS Country partner today.

Motel Management Made Easy

It doesn’t have to be a struggle to run a motel. MAS Country is a contract management service designed to help regional motel owners. We take care of the hard stuff, like day to day management, HR, marketing, software, and bookings, leaving you with less stress and more profit.

Increase Revenue

Having worked with hundreds of motels, our services have been proven to significantly increase room occupancy and revenue for our happy clients.

Streamline Processes

We take care of the hard stuff, like day-to-day management, marketing, software, and bookings, leaving you with less stress and more profit.

Guaranteed Exclusivity

We pride ourselves on our fair practices and are always exclusive to one motel per country town.

40 Years Experience

MAS Country and all our network partners are proud to be wholly Australian owned and operated, with over 40 years of industry experience.

About MAS Country

MAS Country offers a motel management service created with small hotels and motels in regional Australia in mind.

We work for you – the motel owner. Partnering with hotels and motels across the country, we have a proven track record of increasing occupancy and freeing up the time of your on-site manager. With our help, your team can focus on what they need to focus on – offering great service to your customers. What’s more, as part of the MAS Country network, you’ll get customers referred directly to you.

To sum it up, our purpose is to help great people in the bush build their motel businesses up.

How We Can Help

Every motel is different. Our services include all aspects of daily motel management, but they can be fully customised to your needs and budget.

Customer Testimonials

Congratulations to Our Motel Management Company, MAS Country Pty Ltd. On achieving a staggering 91.1% average occupancy rate for the entire first quarter of the 2017-2018 financial year. In comparison, 2016 averaged 75.5% so this is an increase of 15.6% in the percentage of available rooms sold. However when one compares the rooms sold in 2016 of 2084 with the number sold in 2017 of 2513, the difference of 429 actually means that they sold 20.58% more rooms than we did in 2016. To further illustrate how good the 2017 percentage is, in the good trading years of 2015 and 2014 it was 83.2% and 83.6% respectively. Very well done.

Allan Gray - Owner

Narrabri Club Motor Inn

Over 7 months have passed and I couldn't be happier with the results. Occupancies have increased by 22%, with a $30,000 increase in revenue per month. We have also equalled the highest revenue month in 8 years - all within 3 months of taking over the management of the property! I do pay MAS Country Management Fees, however the fees are 50% less than the fees I have paid to Choice Hotels per month. The most important thing I feel, is they are extremely aggressive in increasing sales to the property. They are also very active in gaining new business via the tendering process and they manage the room rates on a minute by minute, hour by hour basis, thus gaining advantage over our competitors. I would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend any property thinking of having their property managed by a third party to consider MAS Country.

Colleen Cosgrave - Owner

Platinum International Toowoomba

The Board of the Maclean Bowling Club decided to construct a 27-room motel and managers residence on the Club’s southern bowling green.

Having no experience with supplying accommodation the Board met with CEO James Donnelly and soon after engaged Mas Country to manage the complex. The Mas Country team under the guidance of James Donnelly created our website, subscribed and installed our reservation system, provided a trained manager and commenced marketing strategies that resulted in the Club Maclean Motel growing into a very successful operation with occupancy rates that exceeded the Board’s and the banks expectation.

I have no regrets engaging Mas Country and standing beside their brand, it has been profitable and a pleasure to work with them.

Mark Williams - Secretary Manager

Maclean & District Bowling Club

We contracted to be the exclusinve MAS Country partner in Cowra from July 2017 because we were interested in remaining within a group environment but with one that actually were out there trying to assist us grow our little business. We took a leap of faith! MAS Country over the next six weeks completely changed our online presence with our fantastic new look website but more importantly connected our property management system (GuestPoint) to all available booking channels and the MAS Country cloud, including the GDS for the first time. I can see that for the same period 1st August 2017 to 10 October 2017 (the period when all MAS Country systems / IT connections we know were fully in place) the motel took $17,316 more in revenue than the exact same period in 2016. That's a huge increase for a small 19 room motel in a 9 weeks period. Forward booking already look far more than last year, cannot be happier with our decision to go with MAS Country and their team.

Ron & Lyn Ure - Owners

Aalanda Motor Inn Cowra

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