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Do you need help with the finances of your motel or hotel business in country Australia? Whether it’s buying a motel or improving the finances of your current business through efficient admin, that’s exactly what MAS Country is here for. Our motel finance and admin services help make your motel dream a reality.

Hotel and motel finance

Looking for finance help to purchase a motel? We can help you determine your financial situation, including how much you can afford to borrow. Then, we can help you get the best possible loan by maximising the use of any equity you might have. We’ll help you create a feasible and comfortable finance plan for getting your motel up and running. From cashflow requirements to business growth plans, we’re there to help you with your motel finance, every step of the way.

When purchasing a motel, there are two types of purchases you could make.

Freehold purchase

A freehold purchase stands for the acquisition of the physical property, i.e. the motel. You could make a freehold purchase with the intention to become the owner-operator, or as an investment. In the latter case, a lessee would manage the motel for you on-site and pay you rent.

Leasehold acquisition

Leasehold acquisition stands for the purchase of the leasehold of the motel. This is the more common way to go about buying a motel to manage, where you’ll pay rent to the landlord (freehold owner). In a leasehold acquisition, the incoming lessee buys the leasehold either from the outgoing lessee or the landlord.

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Industry-leading admin and finance systems

Got an existing motel or hotel business? Let us help you manage your finance and admin workload! With our industry-leading admin and finance systems and processes, we take away the pain of managing your finances. As a bonus, we free up your time too! Our team of hospitality industry experts know how to make the most of your finances, helping your business become more profitable and grow.

Increase Revenue

Having worked with hundreds of motels, our services have been proven to significantly increase room occupancy and revenue for our happy clients.

Streamline Processes

We take care of the hard stuff, like day-to-day management, marketing, software, and bookings, leaving you with less stress and more profit.

Guaranteed Exclusivity

We pride ourselves on our fair practices and are always exclusive to one motel per country town.

40 Years Experience

MAS Country and all our network partners are proud to be wholly Australian owned and operated, with over 40 years of industry experience.

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