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What We Do

We work for YOU - the motel owner!

MAS Country is a proven contract management service for regional motel owners.
We provide the day to day management team then we support those individuals on the ground via our Brisbane based central services team.
These services include:
  • central reservations for all your phone and online booking enquiries
  • benefit immediately from our corporate relationships already in place
  • a real live sales team actually calling people to ask them for their business in your motel
  • website technology  global booking strategies used by big city motels
  • OTA management – let us connect you to every possible sales channel
  • revenue management – using the modern online systems
  • Relief management is included and our years of operational experience are very handy
  • Google search engine strategy included – come up first – at the right time of day
  • We are always EXCLUSIVE to one motel per country town

Confidence & Comfort

A MAS Country motel is your promise of a great experience, from booking your accommodation through to check out.

By choosing to book with MAS Country, you are booking directly with your regional motel of choice.  Find a better price elsewhere and we’ll beat it.

Met Expectations

We are Australian and greet our guests with an honest Aussie smile.

Making It Easy

From booking online or on the phone direct with one of our team members, our network of motels are managed by world class standards ensuring your booking experience is easy and reliable.

Make Yourself at Home

On the road, away from family and friends can be lonely. Our network of motels are your home away from home where the staff are welcoming and the rooms are the perfect place to end your day.

The MAS Country Motel Network

See our current network – your motel will be presented the same way – benefit now and call us on 1300 627 669 to be our exclusive partner in your town.

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