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Online travel agencies have become an essential part of running a motel and maximising your bookings. Our online travel agency management service makes it easy for your customers to book with you online. Let MAS Country’s team manage OTAs for you, increasing your bookings and profits!

What is an online travel agency management system?

An OTA, or an online travel agency, is an online service that sells travel-related products. The products can be anything from accommodation to activities and transport, all available to browse on a website or an app. They are third-party platforms that connect travellers to hospitality service providers.

OTAs offer many of the same benefits as brick-and-mortar travel agencies. Most importantly, they allow your customers to book instantly with their built-in systems. The only caveat is you pay a commission to the OTA, but when managed smart, the increased visibility will pay off. OTAs have become crucial to take advantage of, as customers have come to expect the ease they offer.

Increase your motel bookings with us

If this all sounds like a lot, then why not have the MAS Country team manage your OTAs for you? We make sure your motel is presented in the best way across all the relevant booking platforms. Our online travel agency management service can be tailored to your needs, and we report all the bookings data back to you transparently.

Managing multiple OTAs can easily get confusing. We use industry-leading software to stay on top of all your bookings across different platforms. Let us take the stress away from managing your bookings, we’ll even increase your occupancy while we’re at it!

We don’t just rely on OTAs, though – our team of corporate travel and customer service experts are also here to support you and your customers.

Our OTA management service helps you...

  • Increase occupancy
  • Make more profit
  • Reach a wider audience
  • Free up your time
  • Look after all your bookings across all OTAs

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Increase Revenue

Having worked with hundreds of motels, our services have been proven to significantly increase room occupancy and revenue for our happy clients.

Streamline Processes

We take care of the hard stuff, like day-to-day management, marketing, software, and bookings, leaving you with less stress and more profit.

Guaranteed Exclusivity

We pride ourselves on our fair practices and are always exclusive to one motel per country town.

40 Years Experience

MAS Country and all our network partners are proud to be wholly Australian owned and operated, with over 40 years of industry experience.

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